xDuoo MU-604 High Performance Dac DSD256 With Dual DAC Chip

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Features:- >Premium Dual DAC chipset from ESS Sabre Technologies. >Supports High-Resolution audio signal decoding. >PCM up to 32-Bit/384kHz. >DSD up to native DSD256. >XLR Balanced line-out. >RCA Single-Ended output. >SPDIF(Coaxial/Optical) Digital In. >Dual USB modes(1.0/2.0). >Dual high-precision crystal oscillator. >High-quality Japanese NICHICON capacitors. >Independent [pwer si[[;ly/ >Bright OLED display. >Sand-blasted textured aluminum alloy panel. Technical Specs:- >Supported Inputs: USB, Coaxial, Optical. >Sampling Rate(USB): 32-Bit/384kHz, DSD256 natively. >Sampling Rate(SPDIF): 24-Bit/192kHz. >Output Level: 2V(Aux), 4V(XLR). >THD+N: 0.0007%(Aux), 0.0005%(XLR). >SNR: 120dB(Aux), 124dB(XLR). >Crosstalk: 109dB. >Weight: 0.35Kg. >Dimensions: 12×7.8×4.0cm. —SpecificationsSplit— xDuoo is a high-performance desktop USB DAC designed to bring high-end digital audio decoding to your desktop chains. It supports USB, Coaxial, and Optical digital inputs and provides the users with high-quality output through the standard RCA and balanced XLR ports. xDuoo MU-604 can be connected to any desktop chain, it pairs well with power amplifiers and headphone amplifiers. It houses a premium Dual DAC Chipset consisting of two ES9018K2M DAC chips from ESS Sabre Technologies. xDuoo MU-604 brings life to your desktop chain with its unmatched performance in decoding high-resolution audio signals!!! Premium Dual DAC Arrangement:- xDuoo has equipped the latest MU-604 with a premium Dual DAC Chipset from ESS Sabre Technologies. The device houses two ES9018K2M high-performance DAC chips. They are 32-Bit DACs that allow the MU-604 to decode high-resolution PCM and DSD signals with great precision and clarity. Dual High-End Crystal Oscillators:- In order to get the best out of the MU-604, xDuoo has designed the device with two high-quality active crystal oscillators as the clock sources. They work at 44.1K and 48K and their different sampling rates respectively. They enable jitter-free high-resolution performance with the MU-604. 8-Core XMOS USB Receiver:- xDuoo MU-604 comes with an XMOS XU208 USB receiver chip. It works in asynchronous transmission mode and supports WASAPI, ASIO, and KS core stream modes. XMOS XU208 supports high-resolution PCM(32-Bit/384kHz) and native DSD256 signals. Dual USB Modes:- xDuoo MU-604 supports dual USB modes, USB 1.0 and USB2.0. The USB 1.0 mode is compatible with older-gen PC and game consoles like Nintendo Switch and PlayStation. The USB 2.0 mode is made for the latest-generation PC. It also benefits with xDuoo USB driver enabling accurate high-res decoding on the system. Supports Multiple Input/Outputs:- xDuoo MU-604 supports different inputs and outputs. It takes digital input via USB, Coaxial, and Optical input ports. For analog output, the MU-604 features single-ended RCA and balanced XLR output ports.


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