xDuoo XD05 Pro / XD05Pro Flagship DSD512 Bluetooth Decoder DAC & Headphone Amplifier

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Note: The shipment will be processed by the end of October. Features:- >Latest-Generation Flagship DAC Chipset(ES9039SPro). >High-Power Desktop-Level Output Thrust. >Special Swappable Audio Circuit System(Replaceable DAC/OPAMPs). >Latest-Generation XMOS XU316 USB Processor. >High-Resolution Bluetooth Connectivity. >Supports LDAC, AptX HD, AptX LL, AptX, AAC, SBC Codecs. >Class A Amplification Circuit. >Class-Leading SNR, DNR, & Distortion Performance. >6.35mm+4.4mm Balanced Headphone Output Support. >Three-Level Adjustable Gain. >8x MQA Unfolding. >DC 12V Power Supply. >Two Operating Modes(Desktop/Portable). >Double-Shielded USB Connector Cables. >Dual-Screen Display. >Supports Fast Charging. >Multiple Input/Output Interfaces. Technical Information:- >Battery Capacity: 13600mAh. >Battery Life: Up to 11H(USB), Upto 20H(Aux). >Charging Time: ≤6 Hours with Fast Charger. >Output Power: Up to 2W(32Ω), 930mW(300Ω). >Output Impedance: ≤0.2Ω(SE), ≤0.4Ω(Bal). >Peak Voltage: 23.8Vp-p(SE), 47.2Vp-p(Bal). >Crosstalk: ≥72dB(SE), ≥105dB(Bal). >THD+N: 0.0007%. >SNR: ≥120dB. xDuoo XD05 Pro is a flagship-grade transportable USB DAC/AMP that is crafted to deliver an impressive sound performance. Enjoy your favourite music with your favourite headphones to their full potential with the strong XD05 Pro. The primary attraction of the XD05 is its swappable audio module design. Users can easily replace the DAC and OPAMP chips to tweak the output to their liking. XD05 Pro in its stock form comes with ESS’s latest Flagship ES9039S Pro DAC chipset card promising top-quality sound performance straight out of the box. Get a tremendous upgrade to your music chain with the XD05 Pro which is compatible for both Portable as well as Desktop requirements. Get Your Personalized Sound With Replaceable Audio Cards:- xDuoo XD05 Pro has a useful feature allowing the users to replace the audio card. This includes the primary DAC chipset allowing the users to easily get their preferred sound signature. Currently, two DAC cards are available ES9039S Pro(Stock) and ROHM BD34301EKV(Purchased Separately). Along with the replaceable DAC section, XD05 Pro also allows its users to replace the OPAMPs and get their desired sound. xDuoo is already working on designing AKM and R2R-based DAC cards for the XD05 Pro. Top-Level Sound Decoding Characteristics:- xDuoo has adopted top-quality audio components for its flagship device. The XD05 Pro adopts flagship-grade DAC chips featuring the ESS Sabre’s 4th-generation flagship ES9039S Pro DAC chipset in the stock DAC card module and ROHM’s highly-acclaimed BD34301EKV DAC chipset in an additional module that users can purchase separately. Talking about the Stock ES9039S Pro module, the DAC chipset provides exceptional decoding characteristics delivering top-level performance with best-in-class Signal-to-Noise ratio and ultra-low THD+N distortion performance. Premium USB Interface & Bluetooth Interface Chipset:- In order to promise ultimate performance, xDuoo has equipped the latest XD05 Pro with some top-level hardware. Supporting the flagship DAC chipset, we have a high-performance XMOS XU316 16-core USB interface chipset and Qualcomm’s flagship QCC5125 Bluetooth interface chipset. On one hand, the USB interface provides exceptionally clean signal transmission using a USB connection, on the other, the XD05 Pro supports stable, lag-free Bluetooth connectivity along with Hi-Res transmission protocols(LDAC, AptX HD, AptX LL, SBC, AAC, etc). Compatible With Both Low-Sensitivity & High-Sensitivity Transducers:- xDuoo XD05 Pro has got a precisely designed Class A amplification circuit. It produces a consistent high-power output which makes it fantastic to pair with different IEMs and Headphones. The XD05 Pro has dual analog outputs, 6.35mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced allowing the users to pair their IEMs and Headphones with the device with ease. Its three-level gain adjustment allows for easy pairing with both high-sensitivity and low-sensitivity IEMs/Headphones. The XD05 Pro has a maximum rated output power of up to 2W!! Large Capacity Battery With Fast Charging Support:- xDuoo XD05 Pro houses an ultra-high capacity 13600mAh battery pack that provides the devices with an extraordinary battery life of up to 20h when used in Aux mode. When used the device in DAC mode, it will provide up to 11h on USB connections. The battery here also supports fast charging support.


XD05 Pro

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