Yinlvmei W1 windows10 Portable Music Player DAP Dual AK4499 USB DAC

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Features:- >Dual AK4499 Flagship DAC chipset. >8 OPA 1612 IV converter. >2 OPA 1612 LPF. >Amplification Circuit: 2 Custom Dual OP AMPs+8 in-line High-power tube pairs. >Intel Atom X5 Z8350 CPU. >4GB RAM. >128GB Internal Storage. >Dual-Band Wi-Fi Connectivity(2.4GHz/5GHz). >Bluetooth V4.2 Connectivity. >SA9227 asynchronous USB Processor Chip. >Ultra-low jitter Taiwan Taiyi Crystal Clock. >7” IPS Display(800*1280). >0.66” OLED secondary display. >Two 7000mAh Lithium batteries. >Replaceable battery module. >3.5mm Coaxial, 3.5mm Single-ended LO, 3.5mm Balanced LO, 3.5mm Single-ended PO, 4.4mm Balanced PO. >Dual PGA2311 Fully Balanced Volume Control. >Output Power(Single-ended): Up to 750mW @ 32Ω, Up to 80mW @ 300Ω. >Output Power(Balanced): Up to 1500mW @ 32Ω, Up to 160mW @ 300Ω. >Line-out Voltage(Single-ended): 2.9Vrms. >Line-out Voltage(Balanced): 5.8Vrms. >Output Impedance(Single-ended): 0.8Ω. >Output Impedance(Balanced): 0.4Ω. >3 MicroSD card slots with up to 1TB MicroSD card support in each slot. >2 USB ports. >USB Type-C charging port. YinLvMei W1 is the world s first Windows 10 operating system, portable digital audio player. It is a powerful player equipped with an industry-leading Dual DAC setup and powerful amplification circuitry. Housing an Intel Atom CPU chip provides a smooth, snappy user experience with outstanding sound clarity. Powerful Chips, Powerful Performance:- The YinLvMei is equipped with an industry-leading Dual DAC chipset featuring two AK4499 flagship DAC chips from AKM technologies. The DAC chipset is paired with an SA9227 USB asynchronous chip, 8* OPA 1612 I/V converters, 2* OPA1612 Low-pass filters, a powerful amplification circuit, and many more premium chips providing an unmatched powerful performance. Windows 10 Operating System:- YinLvMei W1 is the world s first hi-res digital audio player with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. With an Intel Atom CPU, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of internal storage the user interface is snappy and lag-free. The W1 can run multiple audio playback software and uses the ASIO audio channel to produce the best sound quality output. It feels like a portable PC dedicated to hi-res music.   Dual Battery Module:- YinLvMei W1 features a user-replaceable dual battery module featuring two batteries of 7000mAh each. One battery powers the CPU and DAC chips while the other second battery produces an analog stage for the amplification circuitry. Powerful Amplification Circuitry:- With a secondary battery for the analog stage, there are 2 custom dual OP AMPs paired with 8 pairs of in-line high-power tubes that produce a powerful amplification circuitry. It outputs a clean, transparent, distortion-free sound output with enough juice to power up your earphones/headphones with ease. Fully Balanced Precise Volume Control Circuit:- PGA 2311 is a highly acclaimed volume control circuit that is used in high-end audio systems. The YinLvMei W1 houses the PGA 2311 volume control circuit to provide a fully balanced volume architecture allowing precise volume adjustments without any problems. Dual-Display Design:- YinLvMei W1 features a dual-display design with a 7″ primary IPS display on the front and a 0.66″ secondary OLED display at the top of the device. The secondary display displays the volume level, active sound filter, and volume levels for both the batteries.  


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